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We are the world’s leading independent resource for mature individuals who are rejecting the armchair and wanting to lead fulfilling, purposeful lives.

Our Story

Chapter3 Academy was launched by two friends – Dianne Tew and Terry King.

We are women of a certain age and have turned our backs on retirement (well at least for now!) after watching others struggle to fill the gap between a career and the crematorium, on average another 30 years.

We wanted to create a resource that inspired and informed others on how they might make their third chapter the best yet.

We recognised that it was actually the start of an exciting new chapter, full of opportunities, time to take stock, learn new skills and being part of the world.

In short, we wanted to help people like us #armchairoradventure #reinvention #Chapter3Academy #lifelonglearning #socialenterprise #olderpreneur #givingback #doinggood As part of our doing good we donate part of our profits to our social enterprise www.chapter3.org.ok

Learn with us…

As well as online articles and blogs, we have a growing library of fantastic courses. Whether you want to learn how to set up a business, help your community, get unstuck or improve your LinkedIn profile, we’re here to help.

All of our courses are tailored to your needs, and come with friendly support from us.

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